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Capsitec is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for combating viral infections and addressing other medical challenges. Our products and services harness the power of DNA origami nanofabrication, AI-supported molecular design, and scalable biotechnological production of DNA components. Our current focus is on programmable and mutation-resilient antiviral therapeutics, with plans to expand into gene delivery vectors in the future. 

the virus trap - a universal virus cell entry inhibitor

Antiviral therapeutics

  • de novo antivirals for pandemic preparedness and response to emerging viral threats
  • efficacy and resilience enhancers for virus cell entry inhibitors

Capsitec is redefining the landscape of antiviral therapeutics with our innovative virus trap concept, which prevents viral infections by neutralizing targeted viruses. The traps can be customized to capture a wide range of viruses, making them a powerful tool in the fight against viral diseases.

This groundbreaking approach empowers us to create de-novo antivirals from non-virus-inhibiting molecular components, a strategy that significantly broadens the potential arsenal against viral diseases, and provides a means for pandemic preparedness.

Another important innovation of the virus trap concept lies in its ability to enhance the efficacy of existing cell-entry inhibiting antivirals and increase their resilience against viral mutations. In the face of rapidly evolving viruses, this feature is invaluable. It allows us not only to keep pace with viral mutations but also to stay one step ahead, offering a proactive response to the unpredictable and dynamic challenge of viral diseases.

gene delivery vectors

Gene delivery vectors (coming soon): A new era of precision and control

Capsitec is pioneering the next generation of gene delivery vectors by harnessing the transformative potential of DNA origami. Our DNA origami-based technology allows for the creation of custom nanoscale objects with precise functionalities such as specific targeting, cell invasion, and intracellular effectors, opening up new horizons in gene delivery applications.

Our proprietary gene delivery vectors are capable of delivering genes folded within DNA origami objects to mammalian cells. A significant innovation in our technology is the development of gene-encoding DNA origami components that assemble into multimeric objects. This groundbreaking approach enables the stoichiometrically controlled co-delivery and expression of multiple genes in the same cells, which enables more advanced genome or epigenome editing applications, transcription modulation, and the programming of new genetic circuits.

As a platform for gene delivery, our technology is designed to be flexible and adaptable and opens up exciting possibilities for developing 'smart' responsive systems, multi-component gene assemblies, and targeted delivery.

Mass quantities of single-stranded DNA with arbitrary length and sequence

Mass quantities of single-stranded DNA with arbitrary length and sequence

With our production plant we can provide mass quantities of high-quality single-stranded DNA with arbitrary length (up to 10 kb) and sequence for various applications, including but not limited to making mass quantities of DNA origami, homology directed DNA repair for gene editing, and other molecular biology applications.


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